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"I am a process based artist creating abstract pattern paintings with watercolor and ink."


Emily Boyd is an abstract artist working primarily in watercolor. Born in North Carolina, Emily spent many years being trained classically until she studied fine art at Covenant College. Building on a strong foundation in drawing and painting, Emily branched out into process art, installation work and pattern design. Pivoting for several years to open two businesses with her husband, Emily worked in branding, package design, interior design and project management, while continuing to develop her painting practice. She has recently taken the leap into pursuing art full time. 


Living and working in Chattanooga, TN, Emily’s work can be seen at local galleries including AVA and Area 61. In 2023, Emily was awarded Best in Show at Panoply Art Festival and Best Local Artist at 4 Bridges Art Festival.


Her current watercolor work explores nature scenes and sky scapes in an effort to marry meditation and painting. By creating repetitive pattern paintings, Emily slows down and sorts her thoughts, ideas, and emotions into a soothing process of painting. Her works offer enthralling meticulous detail and the sense of taking a deep refreshing breath.


I work with watercolor on paper or claybord. I begin by drawing a grid in pencil, 3/16 in squares, and then with a small brush I paint, filling the grid with meticulous repeating marks and patterns. Painting with the surface upright, the medium acts of its own accord often dripping down the surface, creating a collaboration between medium and artist, a juxtaposition of control and surrender.

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