I am a process based artist creating abstract pattern paintings inspired by memories of color, light, and emotion. 

I paint in stolen moments amidst life’s wild tempo. 

I have enjoyed drawing and painting for most of my life, but for the last decade my focus has landed on process based work: a way of creating in which, for me, the act of making rivals the importance of the finished piece. 

My works are abstract representations of color memories: what a moment felt like and how it appeared through the lens of emotion; a depiction of the experience of remembering.


I am not concerned so much with the representation of a thing, but rather the authentic emotion surrounding that thing; the sense of a space, the feelings of an event, the memories of the colors. Everything except the literal. In other words, it’s not the actual notes of a song that are played that I aim to capture. It’s the proverbial dance of the notes in the air, the ache they leave in the chest of those who play and those who listen.


My painting practice allows for a space of quietness and calm in my life, heart and mind; a space to wrestle and reconcile, to listen, to breathe. 

My works are each a slow, methodical journey through time. My works contain time. They show evidence of action, happenings; a visual representation of my body releasing onto paper what I’ve held inside my mind.


I live and paint in Chattanooga, TN, with my husband and our Catahoula Leopard Dog named Teeky. We own and operate OddStory Brewing Company.