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I am a process based artist creating abstract pattern paintings with watercolor and ink.

My work explores the often opposing creative methods of art as a finished product and art as process. Heavily inspired by nature, and often loosely representing land and cloud scapes, my finished works show undeniable evidence of the process of their creation. 


I derive deep meaning from an intentionally developed practice of making. Repetitive and methodical, the rhythm and flow of my work offers calm and stillness to myself in creating and in hopes that the finished works offer the same to their viewer.


I work most often with watercolor and ink on paper or claybord. I begin by drawing a grid, 3/16th inch squares, and then use a small brush to paint with watercolor, filling the grid with various repeating marks and patterns. Typically painted with the surface upright, instead of laying flat, the medium acts of its own accord while I work. Tricking down and collecting, sometimes creating drips down the piece, a collaboration forms between medium and artist, a juxtaposition of control and surrender.



Emily is a full time artist, living and working in Chattanooga, TN, with her husband and their

Catahoula Leopard Dog named Teeky.

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