I make marks. I make patterns. I make paintings. Sometimes those three merge together into one. I am interested in the act of making, the process it takes to get somewhere, more than the end product; the journey rather than the place in which one ends up. 


It all starts with a grid. Parameters within which to make rules and, occasionally, break them.


The small pattern drawings emerged first. I began making marks, patterns, ticks across a page, as a way to pass time and clear my head. The repetitive, calculated process enabled me to better listen, whether to myself or to others. I found my world would become a more quiet place as I worked. A process of painting emerged when I married this methodical way of making with a pattern of breathing that helped create the same quietness. My rhythm of painting was coupled with a rhythm of inhale and exhale,

meditation in a different form.


The time it takes to make each mark in a grid, to fill an entire page; or to sit quietly to think, to write, or even just to be; is all deeply important. The intentional taking time, measuring breaths, and making marks produces a record of something valuable. 


The process remains significant to me as I have learned that quietness isn’t necessarily based on the level of noise and commotion around us, but rather that which is inside of our hearts and minds. 


Watercolor on paper

48" x 48" 

Hand stitched to raw canvas

56" x 56"

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