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Commission Process

I believe the spaces we spend our time in have a significant impact on us. Filling those spaces with things that make us feel happier, lighter, more calm, or more in touch with ourselves is one of the beautiful benefits of having artwork on our walls. I derive immense joy from making that idea a reality for people!

Curious about commissioning a piece? Here’s some information about the process so you can see if it’s a good fit for you!

I collect as much information from the client as possible to help me best create their dream painting.

Examples of helpful questions you can answer are:

-Is there a painting or style of mine you love?

-What colors would you like to see incorporated? Are there any colors in your home/office/space you’d like complemented or matched?

-Is there a specific mood/emotion/memory/imagery you’d like me to reference or the piece to evoke?

-What are the dimensions of the piece you’d like?

-Would you like your piece on paper or claybord?


After the initial conversations to establish color palette, size etc. the client will submit a 50% deposit. I will email with the client several times to update along the way. This ensures we’re on the same page and the client has a chance to speak into color choices, etc as much or little as they’d like.


Pricing: depends on size and material. Please submit an inquiry for more information.

I’d love to create a piece specially made just for you!

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