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The Mini Series

A series of small works, painted with watercolor & ink on hand drawn grid paper,

mounted and stitched to raw canvas.

These little paintings are part of an ongoing practice of creating detailed works that draw the viewer in and aim to hold them for as many moments as they’ll allow themselves to be lost in the details. For me, the creator, the process of painting is such a sweet and meditative experience. Intent, repetitive and time consuming, the process holds me in a gentle embrace of quiet and methodical work. My truest hope is that the work offers a similar experience to its viewer. Quiet and calm, even for a moment, in a noisy, busy, and sometimes chaotic world; that’s the gift I hope to offer. Most certainly, I hope my work brings beauty, delight, intrigue, and more to the world. But the thought of offering this pause, this sense of taking a much needed deep breath, is the fire that keeps me creating.


I present to you, The Mini Series, little moments of calm and beauty.

With love,


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