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Fine Art Purple Watercolor Painting With Hand Stitched Embroidery On Linen Front View

"Dusk's Delight"

Watercolor & embroidery on linen

20" x 20"


When skies darken and shadows lengthen,

The breeze cools and whispers through the trees


When things slow

And hush 

Preparing for respite, for rest 

When we lay our head on our lovers shoulder

Sigh and sink into the stillness 

Drinking in the deep hues of a day lived and ending


We made it something in you whispers 

We made it through another day 

Full of the chest aching love and light and struggle that comes with being human 

That comes with being alive 


What a delight there is in dusk

What a sweetness in honoring the day is done

For as light fades to darkness, we know it will soon turn into a tomorrow 

Both a prayer, and a promise.



Watercolor painted on linen, primed with clear gesso, sealed then hand stitched with embroidery thread.

Felted back, with wire. 1.5" depth. Ready to hang.


"Dusk's Delight"

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