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Fine Art Purple Watercolor Painting With Hand Stitched Embroidery On Linen Side View

"Morning Melodies"

Watercolor & embroidery on linen

12" x 12"


"Oh what sweet delight to sit quietly, face upturned towards the sky, a gentle breeze dancing in the treetops, while the world awakens. 


As sleep fades and sun alights on dewy blades of grass and grateful smiling faces. Before the busy and rushing and to do’s set in, as the mind is still quiet and at peace, what a gift it is to be the audience for such sweet melodies, as birds welcome the dawning of a new day."


My studio resides on a small plot of land in the woods. It is my morning ritual to rise and greet the day outside. Excerpt from a journal entry, Spring 2024. 



Watercolor painted on linen, primed with clear gesso. Sealed then hand stitched with embroidery thread.

Felted back, with wire. 1.5" depth. Ready to hang.

"Morning Melodies"

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