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Fine Art Abstract Watercolor Pattern Painting in Pink and Green Front View

"Raindrops & Refractions"

Watercolor & embroidery on paper

Stiched to raw canvas

48" x 36"



Sometimes the simplest details of daily life feel like love at first sight when we take notice. The way light dances or the way colors coexist. 


Have you ever looked at raindrops on a window screen? I mean really looked at them. The way an image is blurred, changed, distorted, still present in an altered version of itself. As if you’re looking at a memory or a dream instead of through water at reality. Such beauty in a mostly unnoticed detail.


This piece was inspired by photographs I took of a Springtime tree in bloom, distorted by tiny droplets of water collected on a window screen. 



Fine art abstract watercolor pattern painting in pinks and greens, painted on paper, mounted to raw canvas, then sealed and hand stitched with embroidery thread.

2" depth. Wire on back, ready to hang.


"Raindrops & Refractions"

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