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Fine Art Watercolor Pattern Painting with Hand Stitched Embroidery Side View

"Rending & Repair"

Watercolor & embroidery on paper

Stiched to raw canvas

25" x 25"


In conjunction with “Threads of Light,” this piece was painted during a time season of pain and physical struggle. Wrestling with existence in a human body, one that fails, that aches, that breaks, is tremendously daunting at times. 


So much of my time was spent looking for, being reminded of, and meditating on, the truths of our hope even in hard seasons. Looking for the beauty around me, the Love and Light available to me because of this hard season, something I might have missed otherwise. 


I began this piece more with the idea of rending in mind, tearing, breaking. To process the emotions I felt over my reality. But as I painted, as I journeyed in my own life, prayed, wrote, wept, sat with my self, my feelings - I realized I had not been painting that part of the story. Instead I had been creating a piece about healing.

About the coming back together, the (literal) stitching together of what was once torn apart. 


I was literally and figuratively creating the hope I needed most for my own story, my own heart with my own two hands.


You are human dear one, therefore you - by nature - know what it means to experience breaking, in some form. May this piece remind you of the promise of the healing, no matter if you can see it or not yet, the healing is coming.



Watercolor painted on paper, mounted to raw canvas, then sealed and hand stitched with embroidery thread.

Felted back, with wire. 2" depth. Ready to hang.


"Rending & Repair"

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