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Details of watercolor landscape painting with embroidery

"Storm Clouds & Stories"

Watercolor & embroidery on paper

Stiched to raw canvas

28" x 70"



Our journeys, our stories are often not quite linear. It’s not always a to b then straight on to c. Sometimes our paths amble, wander, even pause, sometimes for lengthy periods before resuming. This piece had quite the journey in its making. Beginning as a repeating pattern painting, similar to my other works, it sat “finished” but not done in my studio for a time. 


Don’t we all know that feeling in our own lives? To be or seem finished, yet somehow not done? Haven’t we all been there in a way? Waiting, hoping, trusting. We all have stories that we haven’t seen the ribbon tied on just yet. In process, seeking to trust that process.


I re-entered the dance with this piece after some time, exploring, playing, following that feeling in my gut that there was more for this painting. And after washes and layers of watercolor and playful embroidery, almost painted rather than stitched - it turned out that feeling was correct.


Not everything works out this way, even when we do trust the process, I know. But more often than not, in life, in art, in all our journeys, trusting the story isn’t finished yet often allows us to hold out long enough to see the real beauty come together. May this piece remind you, if the storm is coming or going, there is always light. If you are in your own messy middle, there’s beauty on its way.



Watercolor painted on paper, mounted to raw canvas, then sealed and hand stitched with embroidery thread.

2" depth. Wire on back, ready to hang.


"Storm Clouds & Stories"

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