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"The Laughter of Unbridled Joy" Paper Print

“Laughter begins before the feeling of joy is fully realized” - our bodies have a knowing, a truth in their responses, reactions. Laughter is a glorious form of the reality of our hearts and minds, bubbling out, free flowing from our throats, the purest form of joy.


I inherited my - very loud - laugh from my father. It’s gotten me in trouble, I’ve been teased for it. Yet, I’ve always loved it. This gift of bright bursting color that I have in me. That spills out, that calls forth the same in others.


Big joy should not be asked to be smaller, to be contained. Our laughter should not be asked to be quiet. How glorious, how honoring, when it is its truest form; vibrant shining light breaking through clouds. 

"The Laughter of Unbridled Joy" Paper Print


    All reproductions are printed on fine matte acid-free paper with a half inch border for framing. 


    Please allow time for our trusted local printer to create your print. Processing time depends on the quantity of orders in the works (usually 2 weeks). 


    Original painting: 30” x 40”

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