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Fine Art Watercolor Painting with Hand Stitched Embroidery Pattern Front View

"Threads of Light"

Watercolor & embroidery on paper

Stiched to raw canvas

25" x 25"



One of my favorite quotes from one of Sarah Blondin's meditations is “without your knowing it, Light has been threading itself through you this entire time.” In her work, as she speaks about our journeys through life, with pain or difficult seasons, with finding and connecting with our hearts - this imagery struck a deep chord with me.


In my own difficult season of late, this idea that Light (and Love, God, a higher power) could be sweetly, graciously, intentionally present, alive and at work in my story, inside of me weaving a beaming tapestry. What hope, what a gift! What a powerful truth to cling to, to look for and find evidence of all around us. There is always Light, there is always Love. We must simply slow down and look. Ask for its face to be revealed to us, notice, accept.


Our stories are not just the hard season we may be in, or go through. They are not just the things we see, right now. They are so much more. WE are so much more. There’s beauty flowing through it all, even the darkest times, that will reveal itself to be more stunning and profound than we could have ever imagined.



Watercolor painted on paper, mounted to raw canvas, then sealed and hand stitched with embroidery thread.

Felted back, with wire. 2" depth. Ready to hang.


"Threads of Light"

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