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Fine Art Blue Watercolor Painting With Hand Stitched Embroidery On Linen Front View

"When Winter Warms"

Watercolor & embroidery on linen

12" x 12"



“It feels like falling in love” - I’ve always said this about Spring, about the Fall. Those few and specific days when one intense season fades into the next. The frigid winter air caught in the sun’s warm gaze. The summer’s relentless heat, melted away by Fall’s sweet caress. 


These are the days with the most magic, when new life promises to bloom. When something that had tucked itself away inside of us stirs and stretches, warming its wings in the new Spring sun.



Watercolor painted on linen, primed with clear gesso. Sealed then hand stitched with embroidery thread.

Felted back, with wire. 1.5" depth. Ready to hang.

"When Winter Warms"

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