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Abstract watercolor pattern painting front view

"Your Darkness Fits Perfectly Into Mine"

Watercolor & embroidery on paper

Stiched to raw canvas

48" x 48"



Do you believe in soulmates? Have you ever met someone and immediately felt a connection? Like you could relate or understand one another in a rare and profound way?


Feeling seen, truly being known, this is such a rare type of connection, of love. In any type of relationship, this type of connection feels sacred and holy.


When your story is the perfect echo of another’s, there’s such solidarity to be found there.


That’s what inspired this painting.

That moment when one person’s soul, their essence, see’s another - even someone they just met, and says “Yes. I know you”

It’s stunning to witness, it’s life changing to experience.



“And I saw you standing there, glorious heart alive in your chest.

And all at once in seeing you, I saw both myself better and you more clearly

Like some sort of magical mirror

In which your eyes reflected back a knowing, a light I wondered might actually burn in my own.”




Watercolor painted on paper, mounted to raw canvas, then sealed and hand stitched with embroidery thread.

2" depth. Wire on back, this watercolor painting is ready to hang.


"Your Darkness Fits Perfectly Into Mine"

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